$50K Settlement for Concussion Injury (Traumatic Brain Injury) | Georgia Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident & Head Injury Attorney in Douglasville, Georgia 770-577-3020 Home Our client, Ronnie, suffered a concussion from his auto accident in Georgia. Typically, an insurance company will offer a very low settlement amount for a concussion, because concussions generally don’t cause life-lasting repercussions. However, Ronnie was a different case. At first, Ronnie treated with … Read more

$200,000 Herniated Disc Settlement for Georgia Car Accident Victim | Douglasville Accident Attorney

Georgia Car Accident & Personal Injury Attorney 770-577-3020 Home Our client Mark, was a hard-working young man who moved furniture for a living, and was able to pay his bills. But when another driver hit Mark and crashed his car, Mark was unable to lift heavy objects or move around like he used to because … Read more


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