Uber Accident Settlement Amounts, Claims and Insurance (Lawyer)

Learn about real Uber accident settlement amounts and claims. See how insurance actually works in Uber injury cases.

Hear why Uber may be requiring settlements to be confidential. Get to see actual lawsuits involving Uber accidents, and see which insurances likely paid.

See when Uber’s insurer, James River Insurance Company, is likely to quickly pay the bodily injury liability insurance limits. Find out when Uber’s insurer has less pressure to quickly settle.

Learn how PIP (No-Fault insurance) and uninsured motorist insurance work in an Uber accident.

In this video, I also give detailed, helpful answers these questions:

Can you sue Uber for an accident?
Are you insured with Uber?
What happens if you get in an accident in an Uber?
What happens if you get into a car accident while driving for Uber?

Time stamps for this video:

1:40 Is Requiring Settlements to Be Confidential? And How it Could be Bad News

5:41 Uber’s Insurance Limit if Uber driver is logged onto the app (but not engaged in a ride)

10:29 How Much Uninsured Motorist Insurance are Uber Passengers Entitled to

15:33 How Long Do Uber Cases Take to Settle (and Why)

20:19 Uber Passengers Injured in an Accident (Settlement)

23:48 Uber Passenger Killed in a Car Accident (Settlement)

25:21 $500K Settlement (Uber driver hit bike rider)

After making this video, I settled an Uber driver’s personal injury claim for $260K. You can see the video here (https://youtu.be/B6fOZSH6-hQ)

Since this video was uploaded, in a few states, Uber has changed insurance companies. For example, starting March 1, 2018, Uber is insured with Progressive Insurance in Florida.

Here is my video on Progressive car accident claims: https://youtu.be/9V9OfE7J7sk

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