Springfield Illinois Auto Accident Lawyers

Everyone seems to know a lawyer that “handles car accident cases.” The truth is, lawyers will try to handle an automobile accident from time to time. However, at The Law Offices of Frederick W. Nessler and Associates Ltd., our auto accident lawyers have been aggressively handling these cases for over 35-years and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our injured clients. Whether it’s a neck injury, direct action, uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist arbitration, or complex tractor-trailer litigation, Nessler & Associates’s attorneys will apply their vast experience to get the maximum settlement offer you or your loved one needs to recover.


It is extremely important to hire an attorney to help you navigate through the complex recovery process after an automobile accident. You should choose your attorney immediately. Nessler & Associates will help you investigate the cause of the accident right away. Our team of lawyers work with experienced accident recinstructionists, life-care plan experts, economists and other experts who can testify about the cause of your collision and tell a jury about your losses.

We have been helping victims of automobile accidents for over 35-years. Our experience allow us to take on the most formidable defense lawyers and insurance carriers. We will not back down, and will aggressively pursue your recovery.

Our car accident lawyers have experience handling:

Accidents on the highway
Accident caused by drunk drivers
Country road collisions
Trucking accidents
Rear-end collisions
Pedestrian vs. automobile collision
Accidents caused by distracted drivers
Automobile collisions while at work
Accidents involving an uninsured driver
Catastrophic injury including wrongful death

Nessler & Associates will take the burden off of your shoulders. Our experienced Springfield Illinois injury attorneys will aggressively work on your claim, allowing you to focus on your recovery instead of worrying whether you are being taken advantage of by the insurance companies.

Your life may never be the same after an injury that is no fault of your own. The driver who caused your injury should admit fault or be held accountable. In almost every case an insurance company is paying for the at-fault driver’s wrong. The insurance company is not on your side. Often the insurance company will tell you that you need to sign forms you may not be comfortable signing or that you may not fully understand. Insurance companies will offer you less than your claim is worth in order to save itself money. Nessler & Associates has over 35-years of experience in dealing with insurance companies. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney with Nessler & Associates will put you on even ground with the insurance companies. We will help you obtain the recovery you need, and will provide you with the representation you deserve.

We don’t get paid unless your case is settled or won. Call our team of aggressive automobile accident lawyers today at 217-698-0202 to inquire about an injury or wrongful death.


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