How personal injury attorneys and chiropractors work together

How personal injury attorneys and chiropractors work together

Hello, thank you for checking out another LawFull legal video. My name is Barry Zlotowicz and I am a Chicago personal injury attorney.

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of a traffic collision, it is very likely that you visited a chiropractor for a chiropractic adjustment.

A large majority of my clients sought some personal injury chiropractic treatment after an accident. So for this video, I partnered with Dr. Gregg Gerstin of the Align Wellness Clinic in Northbrook, IL. to discuss how personal injury attorneys and chiropractors work together.

Here is a link to Dr. Gregg’s YouTube channel:
If you are looking for a chiropractic personal injury attorney referral, I recommend contacting Dr. Gerstin. If he is not in your area, he may know someone closer to you.

The vast majority of auto accident cases result in people suffering a back sprain, back strain, whiplash and other related injuries. These are especially prominent in rear-end accident cases.

BEFORE you see a chiropractor, I always recommend to my clients that they see their primary care physician FIRST. This is something that auto insurance companies look for when evaluating your case.

Having said that, one of the benefits of a chiropractor, is that they can see you quickly. One of the things that an insurance company will use to diminish your claim is to argue that there was a gap in treatment between the time of the accident and when you obtained chiropractic treatment. So do not delay.

A chiropractor like Dr. Gerstin does a thorough diagnostic evaluation of his patients. This is critical to a personal injury lawyer as well. As is documenting an accurate diagnosis of the victim’s injuries.

In addition to recovering for your chiropractic medical bills, you can also recover for your mileage to and from the chiropractor’s office and any tolls or parking fees you paid as well.

Check out my new video next week where Dr. Gerstin and I detail how you pay for your chiropractic treatment after an auto accident.

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