The Million Dollar Lawsuit – Chicago personal injury lawyer

Have you been involved in an accident and called a lawyer for advice and they told you that you have a “million dollar lawsuit” before they even knew the extent of your injury?

I’m a Chicago personal injury lawyer and this is the story of a call I received from a woman looking for advice about her personal injury claim.

Barry here with the LawFull channel. I get calls all the time from car accident victims with questions about personal injury law. A while back I received a call from a woman who injured her knee when a car that she was getting into drove away before she was fully in the car. It dragged her for 20 feet. The victim might have been hurt but wasn’t even sure what her injury was yet.

So, she called a lawyer to find out how much her personal injury settlement might be worth. The first lawyer she talked to her told her she had a 1 million dollar lawsuit before he even knew the extent of her injuries.

A million dollars I said. Then I asked her, if the defendant only had a minimum limits insurance policy ($25,000 here in Illinois), where was the other $975,000 going to come from?

Multi million dollar lawsuits are few and far between. The vast majority of case are very small. And, there is a reality that personal injury victims must be prepared for – your recovery, no matter how bad your injury, could be limited by the size of the insurance policy involved.

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