St. Louis Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer | 314-444-4444 | Back Injury Lawyer in St. Louis MO

St. Louis Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer | Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer in St. Louis MO

Back injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes are some of the most frequently seen cases that our St. Louis personal injury law firm handles. When you suffer an injury to your back in a car accident that was due to a careless driver, it’s important to understand how serious those injuries can be and why you should get an injury lawyer to help.

A herniated disc, sometimes called bulging disc or pinched nerve, is a very common back injury caused by auto accidents. There is a disc in between each of the vertebrae in your spine. You can think of that disc like a jelly doughnut. Inside the disc, is the gel or the jelly. When you get whipped forward or backward, that disc gets compressed, and the gel inside shoots out. This causes pressure on the nerves that come out of your spinal canal and down through your arms and body. You may feel pain in the back or the neck, but more commonly, you’ll also feel numbness or tingling in your arm or leg. Some people describe it as burning or “pins and needles” sensation.

Herniated discs can be one of the most complex personal injury cases because insurance companies will try aggressively to limit their liability for your injury. They will bring in experts to say that it’s just a degenerative disease, and it’s not related to the auto crash. The reality is that you know if you didn’t have back problems prior to the collision, and you’re having them afterward, then your back issue is related to the crash.

This is where a skilled injury lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri can help. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney will know the medical literature and know how to make a legal case for it. Insurance companies are afraid that a doctor will ultimately diagnose your back injury as a condition that requires surgery. No matter whether you need surgery now or in a few years from now, a physician could testify to a jury that you could need surgery as a result of the car accident injury down the road. Surgical procedures cost a lot of money so the insurance company will do everything they can to avoid paying for this medical expense.

St. Louis Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer | 314-444-4444 | Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer in St. Louis MO

At Schultz & Myers, our St. Louis injury lawyers have successfully represented victims in many personal injury herniated disc cases. If you’ve been injured and suffered any neck or back pain, call us right away. Our law firm can help you get the compensation you need to cover the expenses related to your treatment and other costs associated with your injury, such as lost wages. Our number is easy, just remember the fours – 314.444.4444 or complete our free online case evaluation form. Learn more about the areas of law we handle and the results we have gotten for accident victims in St. Louis and throughout Missouri at

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St. Louis Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer | 314-444-4444 | Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer in St. Louis MO


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