Should I Hire (Trust) an Auto Accident Attorney from the Internet? Georgia Personal Injury Law

Douglasville Personal Injury Lawyer, James Murphy


A lot of people are leery about hiring an attorney, and even more so if they have to find one on the Internet. How do you know if you’re hiring the right car accident attorney for your Georgia car accident case? How do you know that they will put you first instead of their own wallet?

First, try to find an attorney that specializes in auto accident and injuries such as whiplash, spine and back injuries, major injuries (amputation or paralysis), or traumatic brain injury. You’ll want one who handles and has experience in these areas.

Secondly, does the attorney you’re looking at have a lot of free information available about your kind of case?

What about good case results and settlements that are similar to your case?

Lastly, what kind of reviews and testimonials does the attorney have? Does he have a good Internet image? Take all these indicators into account when searching online for an attorney.

Once you find one that you seem comfortable with, call the office. Take note of how the staff, receptionist, and attorney speak to you. Schedule your free consultation, if they offer one. Hiring the right attorney make take a little extra effort, but it is well worth it if you like and trust your Georgia auto accident attorney.

Are you thinking about hiring an attorney for a car accident but nervous about looking for someone on the web? Let me tell you a story about something that happened recently. A man goes to the hospital to visit his friend who was seriously hurt in a car accident. The man asks him “Are you thinking about hiring a lawyer to represent you in your accident?” The friend says yes. He told him he found an attorney on the internet. The man was shocked. “You can’t be serious? How can you trust him?” The injured man said that while he was in the hospital he spent a lot of time researching different attorneys. He wanted to be sure he found an attorney with the experience in his kind of case, was confident, and someone he could feel comfortable with. The guy asked “Did you find someone?” Yes, he said. There were a lot of attorneys who bragged about how great they were. But this guy stuck out to me because he had a bunch of useful videos and articles. He took the time to explain how a lawsuit works, how he chose his particular kind of cases, and I watched over 20 of his videos and he had hundreds of them. He answered lots of questions that I had even before I called him. When I did contact him, he explained everything clearly and knowledgeably. There was no question after watching his videos and talking to him that he was the right attorney for me. The only question left was was I the right client for him? Perhaps you are considering consulting with a lawyer about your car accident case. If you are, feel free to watch my free videos which will give you great information about your case. If you decide I’m the right attorney for you give me a call and I will listen to the facts of your case and consult with you. Our consultations are free. Feel free to call me at 770-577-3020.
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Please be advised that this video is not legal advice. I’m not your lawyer until you and I enter a written agreement for me to be your lawyer. I know the arguments the insurance company will make – and so should you – even before you file your claim. I can offer suggestions and identify traps, but please do not construe anything in this video to be legal advice about your case, as each case is different and an attorney can only give you quality legal advice when he or she understands the facts involved in your case.


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