Pain & Suffering Settlement Calculator by Cincinnati Accident Injury Lawyer

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In this video, Cincinnati accident injury attorney Anthony Castelli talks about the the myth of a pain and suffering insurance settlement magic formula but offers Ohio injury victims a calculator to determine how much your personal injury car accident claim is worth.

If you are dealing with an insurance company such as Allstate for a claim, they send a letter about Colossus, thier computer program valuing your claim. Garbage in garbage out. In fact , Allstate may even offer you less than the program comes up with.

The value of your case an be determined within reason and within a range by looking at the items of damages you are entitled to recover and how strong your proof is that your injury caused your damages.

A jury has to value damages and valuing your personal injury damages should be done much the way a jury does. They take all the provable damages and add them up to create the value of your personal injury claim. As an experienced trail lawyer I have actual jury verdicts of my own and can research other cases to come up with a reasoned pain and suffering settlement calculator of your damages.This is best done after I have been retained and guided you in your claim and prepared your case so you have the strongest proof available to support your damages.

If you do not know the value of your accident injury claim it’s likely you will take a lot less than what it’s worth. Even if you have a good idea of how much you pain and suffering and other damages should add up to, what are the chances you will obtain a fair settlement without a lawyer preparing your case, guiding you in the right direction, and demanding a fair settlement with the tools to put pressure on big insurance.

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