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Our client Mark, was a hard-working young man who moved furniture for a living, and was able to pay his bills. But when another driver hit Mark and crashed his car, Mark was unable to lift heavy objects or move around like he used to because of all the pain and stiffness.

Mark came to see James Murphy at his law office in Douglasville. We wanted to help Mark get back on his feet again, and help him with his case. First Mark went to a physical therapist for his neck and back problems, but even after intense treatment, he was not getting better.

Then we referred Mark to an orthopedic surgeon who was able to diagnose Mark by means of an MRI. Mark had a herniated disc. The surgeon recommended surgery. Yet, there was no guarantee that the surgery would help Mark.

We helped Mark through these difficult decisions, and eventually Mark got the surgery. We are happy to say that the surgery was successful and Mark is on his way to recovery.
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Please be advised that there is no guarantee that we can receive the same result for you and your accident case. Every case is different. We do, however, promise to fight to get you the best settlement available.

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