Dayton Auto Accident Lawyer Gives Mistakes to Avoid for Your Insurance Settlement

Dayton Car Accident Attorney Anthony Castelli tells you five critical mistakes injury claimants make when dealing with auto accident insurance company claims. Call for a free consultation 937-306-6410 For more information, if you are seeking maximum value as to how much your injury should be compensated, go to http;//

Not every injury claim requires a lawyer. In smaller harm claims a lawyer may not be able to add much value. There is no threat that an experienced lawyer will take a small claim to court. It could easily cost more in litigation expenses than the value of your claim. In my opinion you can deal with your own minor claim. But even on small claims you may have questions. I’m happy to talk with you at no charge even if it is not likely that I will take your case.
But in serious injury claims there are numerous factors that can make or break your claim for fair compensation. Representing yourself or hiring the wrong lawyer can be equally dangerous. So do your homework. Find out how experienced your lawyer is. are they posting testimonials, reviews and results on their web site. Do they come across as sincere and as someone you would like to work with in their videos. Do they seek to educate rather than simply promote themselves as someone you should trust.
You are invited to call me with your question. Before it’s to late and you make a critical mistake that wrecks your claim give me a call.

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