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Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are available for several areas of personal injury law. Personal injury claims can be the result of accidents or can result from the negligence of other individuals. Injury can occur on the job or can occur while visiting a retail location. Slips and falls can cause personal injury and pain and suffering. A personal injury claim usually is an insurance case that is filed for the client. There may be a certain reason to take this kind of injury case to a court. General personal injury can result from everyday activities and can be sudden and unexpected. Property owners usually have certain types of property insurance to assist with injury bills from visitors or people invited to the property location.


A claim against a property or business owner can begin with a claim to their insurance company. This may be a successful claim against a business insurance policy, or the insurance company could refuse to pay. Most general personal injury claims are of this category of claim. The amount of the pay out for the injury claim can result in a significant pay out for the injured party. These claims can cover medical bills for the injured person, out of work unemployment claims for the injured, and pain and suffering amounts. An insurance claim of this type may need additional court intervention if the insurance company refuses to pay. There may be a need to take a claim to court if the insurance company does not pay but a small amount for some medical bills. Usually the insurance processors try to pay out the least that they can. This is when a general personal injury lawyer helps to insure that the amount paid out is enough to cover any injury damages.


The process of going through a personal injury claim can be confusing and frustrating. There are offers and counter offers to a claims process. The other party usually tries to not pay or tries to pay only a minimal amount. The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are able to navigate this process for the claimant and assure their client of an adequate pay out.


A car accident attorney has different duties. Processing a car accident involves other agencies and procedures. A car accident is under a different type of jurisdiction and can involve DWI charges and automobile accident charges. An attorney who accepts a car accident case may need to look at other areas of law in order to file an accident claim with the automobile insurance companies involved and to complete the case for the client. Automobile insurance companies may need a police report and they may require that a DWI charge be processed against one of the car drivers. An auto accident attorney may need to understand and process a criminal law case as well.


The team at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are experienced in both of these areas of law. A personal injury claim can be made successfully against an establishment or individual home owner on behalf of the injured client. An automobile accident victim has certain rights as well. This type of client is assisted with medical bills and unemployment costs, but this type of case may involve additional agencies and jurisdictions for the injury claims. Both types of cases can result in injury costs and pain and suffering costs being paid to the claimant. The automobile accident client may have additional concerns that need to be handled professionally and quickly.

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