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If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you are likely wondering what you need to do. Should you retain a Chicago car accident lawyer, or contact insurance companies on your own to negotiate a settlement to cover your property damage and medical bills? You carry vehicle insurance to avoid financial catastrophe, but exactly what are the steps involved to make sure that the responsible party is held liable for their neglect?

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

The first step you should take at the scene of the accident is to ensure everyone that requires medical attention is sent to the emergency room right away. This is because many injuries caused by the collision might not be obvious until many hours, days, weeks or months later. Any trauma to the brain, internal organs or spinal cord could become deadly if not treated immediately.

Document the Accident

Liability or responsibility of exactly who caused the accident is not always clear. Because of that, it is essential to provide all valuable pertinent information for the law enforcement officer arriving at the scene. Make sure you also have contact information at the scene, including witnesses before leaving the accident scene, unless you are being transported to a medical facility for care.

Evaluating the Claim

Determining the value of your claim for financial compensation is complex, especially when multiple drivers share responsibility for causing the accident. The losses you will need to claim involve a variety of tangible and intangible damages including:

• Medical bills
• Hospital stay expenses
• Lost wages
• Lost earning ability in the future
• Loss of consortium
• Pain and suffering
• Damage to your vehicle and other property

Consider Retaining an Attorney

The following examples can help you determine if it is necessary to retain a Chicago car accident lawyer. These examples include:

• Your injuries were more than just minor, requiring hospitalization or doctor visits
• Your injuries might be permanent, or involve scarring or bone fractures
• You suffer muscular, bone, neck or back injuries that are yet to be resolved
• The accident involved a delivery truck, tractor-trailer, cargo van or other commercial vehicle
• Your accident involved the fatality of the driver, a passenger, husband, wife, parent, child or other loved one
• Punitive damages might be available because your injuries are the result of a drunk driver
• The insurance company, police officer or other drivers are indicating you are responsible for causing the accident, when it is not true, or you are not sure
• The driver of the other vehicle is uninsured or underinsured, limiting the amount of compensation you might receive

What an Attorney Will Do for You

Hiring a skilled attorney can be beneficial to managing your case to produce a successful financial outcome. This is because a Chicago car accident lawyer is skilled in Illinois tort law and handles personal injury claims involving accidents just like yours. The attorney will handle the entire process of the case including:

• Gather evidence like police documents and medical records
• Investigate the scene of the accident
• Hire expert witnesses to testify at trial on your behalf
• Handle all necessary paperwork to file a claim or lawsuit if necessary
• Provide expert negotiation skills to obtain an out-of-court settlement for an appropriate amount of financial compensation
• Prepare the case to go to trial in the event that the amount offered for settlement is an adequate to cover both your tangible and intangible damages
• Provide legal representation at trial in front of a judge and jury

A reputable Chicago car accident lawyer will likely charge a contingency fee to handle the case. Working on contingency means all attorney fees will be taken only from the funds obtained from an award at trial or through an out-of-court settlement.

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