Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Questions to ask when hiring a Philadelphia lawyer
Rand Spear Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer goes over important points. 

 Philadelphia auto accident lawyer Rand Spear 
Thanks everyone for joining our sixth Philadelphia auto accident and injury Google Hangout. 
Hi, my name is Steve and I’m the host of today’s hangout.  Joining me today is Rand Spear, a highly regarded and accomplished Philadelphia automobile accident lawyer, who will talk about what questions to ask when you have had an accident and are choosing an attorney.
1.     Rand- What is the first and most important question an injured victim should ask an attorney at their free consultation?
§  How long have you been practicing in this field or area of law?
§  Have you ever handled matters like mine before?
2.     Once you have asked about an attorney’s experience what should you ask about your potential case?
§  What are the possible outcomes of my case?
§  What are my alternatives in resolving the matter?
§  Approximately how long will it take to resolve?
§  Will you go to court or do you plan to settle the case?
3.     What questions should you ask regarding the fees that a Philadelphia automobile accident attorney may charge?
§  How do you charge- by the hour or will you charge me a percentage of the money we get if we win?
§  What is a ballpark figure for the fees and expenses
4.     Is it important to ask the Philadelphia car accident lawyer who will be working on the case and information about the staff?
Will it be junior attorneys or paralegals?
5.     Rand, can you tell us about your experience and answer some of the questions that you recommended an accident victim should ask?

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I want to thank everyone for participating today and I invite our audience to come back and hang out next time when we will be discussing a new and important topic.
That’s all for now and goodbye

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Rand Spear Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Offers Tips for Auto Accident Victims


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