13 Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating an Auto Accident Settlement (Ep.35)

https://www.InjuryClaimCoach.com There are things you just shouldn’t say when negotiating a personal injury claim. Don’t absolve other parties at the scene because they’re upset, don’t admit fault, and don’t sign anything. Learn to avoid all the common negotiating mistakes in this video tutorial.

How Much is my Car Accident Case Worth? (2018 Florida Car Accident Attorney)

How Much is my Car Accident Case Worth? (2018 Florida Car Accident Attorney) If you have damages as a result of an accident where somebody else is at fault, then you’re going to have value to your claim. And when we talk about damages, there are a couple different types real quick. There are economic … Read more

The Million Dollar Lawsuit – Chicago personal injury lawyer

Have you been involved in an accident and called a lawyer for advice and they told you that you have a “million dollar lawsuit” before they even knew the extent of your injury? I’m a Chicago personal injury lawyer and this is the story of a call I received from a woman looking for advice … Read more

Whiplash Car Accident Settlements and Claims (Lawyer JZ)

Learn about whiplash claims from car accident lawyer Justin ‘JZ’ Ziegler. See the average whiplash injury settlement for car accidents. Get fast fasts that you need to know. Learn how much is typically awarded for pain and suffering for whiplash. Applies to car, truck, motorcycle accidents, Uber accidents, Lyft accidents, pedestrian accidents, bike accidents and … Read more

Top Rated Accident Attorney Long Beach | How Much is My Car Accident Settlement Worth?

Belal Hamideh is one of the best rated accident attorneys in Long Beach. In this video he provides useful information about how much is a car accident worth. NO FEE Unless WE WIN Your Case! Se habla Español Belal Hamideh Law 111 W Ocean Blvd #424 Long Beach, CA 90802 Tel.: (562) 526-1224 Homepage

The Settlement Process (Injury, Car Accident Cases & More)

Learn the basic steps in the personal injury settlement and demand process from A to Z. Applies to claims for car accidents, motorcycle wrecks, slip and falls, and more. Find out mistakes that can delay or make settlement impossible. This article applies to claims with GEICO, Uber, Lyft, State Farm and Progressive. It applies to … Read more


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