13 Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating an Auto Accident Settlement (Ep.35)

https://www.InjuryClaimCoach.com There are things you just shouldn’t say when negotiating a personal injury claim. Don’t absolve other parties at the scene because they’re upset, don’t admit fault, and don’t sign anything. Learn to avoid all the common negotiating mistakes in this video tutorial.

Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Answers Legal Questions – Kelly Law Team.

In this YouTube Live Event, Phoenix personal injury attorney John Kelly answers a number of online questions about car accidents. Please post your own questions to the comments below or visit https://www.jkphoenixpersonalinjuryattorney.com/auto-accident/. a.William – I was in a car accident but no police report was filed. Can I still file a claim without that proof? … Read more


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