New York Car Accident Lawyer Anthony Gair: Taking a Meaningful Deposition

In this video New York Car Accident Attorney Anthony Gair discusses how to take a meaningful deposition in a car accident case. This video is part of a program designed for the attorney seeking a fundamental but practical overview of handling an auto accident case. A representative case is reviewed from inception to conclusion from … Read more

Car Accident Deposition Questions from Attorney Jonathan Macri When we think of being in a car accident, we tend to think of ourselves as the drivers and never the passengers. But even as a passenger, you are able to give information about the car accident and the events that led up to it. Just like any witness, your testimony regarding the car … Read more

What To Expect in a California Personal Injury Case | CA Accident Attorney Frank Nunes explains #NunesLaw (559) 436-0850 Listen as California Lawyer Frank Nunes details what is involved in a person injury case. After you first seek medical treatment, contact an attorney to conduct an investigation of the facts. These facts can then be presented to the other party‚Äôs insurance company, and negotiation begins to take place. We will … Read more


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