Steps To Take Following A Chicago Car Accident – Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Chicago Car Accident Attorneys, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Each year car accidents happen and when they happen they can cause serious injuries or death. It is important to know what to do after a car accident and the following are tips from an attorney on what to do after a car accident. The First Step … Read more

Chicago Hit-And-Run Car Accident Attorney – Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Hit & Run Car Accident Attorneys Chicago, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Motorists involved in a car accident in Chicago that results in personal injury or death, are required by Illinois law to stop and render assistance to the accident victims. It is against the law in Illinois to leave the scene of an accident and … Read more

Jonathan Rosenfeld: A Chicago Car Accident Lawyer For You! Car Accident Attornedys Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are available for several areas of personal injury law. Personal injury claims can be the result of accidents or can result from the negligence of other individuals. Injury can occur on the job or can occur while visiting a retail location. Slips and falls can cause personal injury … Read more

Chicago Car Accident Attorney | Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers | Illinois Chicago Car Accident Attorneys | Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you are likely wondering what you need to do. Should you retain a Chicago car accident lawyer, or contact insurance companies on your own to negotiate a settlement to cover your property … Read more

Chicago Car Accident Lawyer – Car Accident Settlement Calculator

Chicago Car Accident Lawyer In this video, car accident lawyer Scott DeSalvo tells you how to calculate the value of a car accident case. In a car crash case, who is at fault and in what percentage is key. The amount of medical bills and wage loss is very important as well. Finally, the nature … Read more

How to Win Car Accident Case | Top Personal Injury Lawyers Jonathan Rosenfeld & Anthony Castelli Chicago Car Accident Lawyer, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers In the state of Illinois a lawyer can handle any type of case. Many Chicago personal injury attorneys typically work with a plethora of cases from injuries on the job, medical malpractice or motor vehicle accidents. Because of the wide variety of personal injury cases, it is … Read more


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