Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn The Law Offices of Adam M. Thompson (855) 497-2326 Have you ever been in a car🚘 accident? Considering that the frequency of car accidents in the United States (both fatal and non-fatal) has continually increased over the last several years, it’s quite likely that you have. If you’ve never been … Read more

Car Accident Lawyer Bronx

Car Accident Lawyer Bronx The Law Offices of Adam Thompson (855) 497-2326 If you find yourself in a situation where you have been injured, it’s important to retain a qualified personal injury attorney to help you navigate the complex process of recovering damages. Insurance companies are well versed in different tactics to ensure they … Read more

Bronx Car Accident Lawyers Fighting for Justice for Auto Accident Victims

Bronx car accident lawyers at the F&A Injury Law Firm specialize in all types of auto accident cases including car, bus, truck, motorcycle, and pedestrian knockdown accidents. Our trial lawyers have won some of the largest verdicts in New York include $69M, $30M, $7.5M, $4M, and many others. We specialize in serious and catastrophic personal … Read more

Car Accident Lawyer NYC

Anyone who has driven a car anywhere in the greater New York City area including all of its boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island) as well as Northern New Jersey and Long Island, knows that the traffic is insane and New York City car accidents are quite common. Figure out more about … Read more

Jury Trial Story: A Bronx Car Accident Lawyer on a $200,000 verdict

A New York personal injury trial attorney discusses a recent Bronx summary jury trial including the elements of the trial, the arguments, exhibits, and the final jury verdict.


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