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Our client, Ronnie, suffered a concussion from his auto accident in Georgia. Typically, an insurance company will offer a very low settlement amount for a concussion, because concussions generally don’t cause life-lasting repercussions. However, Ronnie was a different case. At first, Ronnie treated with the Chiropractor for his soft tissue (whiplash and back problems) injuries, which eventually healed.

Ronnie also suffered migraines, frequently. His treatment with the chiropractor was not helping his migraines go away. At first, Ronnie was not going to get a lawyer, but because the insurance company wasn’t going to give him a fair amount, he finally decided to get help. He called James Murphy, an attorney at Murphy Law Firm in Douglasville, GA.

James recommended he get checked out by a doctor for his migraines, so we helped him get to a neurologist. The neurologist diagnosed the issue Ronnie was having, and told the court that there was a good chance that Ronnie’s concussion would have life-long effects, and that he could possibly have the migraines for the rest of his life.

We were able to settle Ronnie’s case for $50,000.

If you hire us as your law firm, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to get you the same settlement amount, because each case is different. BUT we can promise that we will fight for you just as hard as we fought for Ronnie, and try and get you the maximum amount of compensation available to you for your Georgia auto accident.

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You know, you generally feel pretty safe when you are in a big pickup truck driving down a country road in Douglas County. And Ronnie felt safe on the morning he was going to work, no traffic on the road, but when a teenage kid turned out of a convenient store, and T-boned him on his drivers side. There wasn’t a thing Ronnie could do to protect himself. Fortunately Ronnie had his seat belt on, but the unfortunate thing was that he hit his head on the window on the drivers side. When he went to the emergency room, the doctor said he had a concussion. After that, Ronnie tried to get on with his life, saw the chiropractor, had some adjustments, and was generally feeling ok in his neck and back. But the problem was, his headaches didn’t seem to want to go away. Ronnie didn’t want to talk to a lawyer, but as the statute of limitations started to approach, he came in to see me. We were able to file suit, and fortunately Ronnie got to see a neurologist that was able to treat him and determine that the headaches he was experiencing were migraine headaches that were related to the car accident. Before Ronnie saw the neurologist, the insurance company was offering a very small amount of money on his case and it didn’t make sense for Ronnie to settle. It took almost 4 years for Ronnie to document the injuries and to fully understand what was happening to him. We settled the case for close to $50,000. I can’t guarantee you a result like this in your case, but if you come to see me before you settle with the insurance company, I can give you advice about what may be the best course to take.

Please be advised that this video is not legal advice. I’m not your lawyer until you and I enter a written agreement for me to be your lawyer. I know the arguments the insurance company will make – and so should you – even before you file your claim. I can offer suggestions and identify traps, but please do not construe anything in this video to be legal advice about your case, as each case is different and an attorney can only give you quality legal advice when he or she understands the facts involved in your case.


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