Can a chiropractor help after a car accident? | Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Yes, chiropractors can help you with injuries after a car accident. They do a great job treating soft tissues injuries in the neck, back and spine. This includes any kind of whiplash or back soreness that may have occurred after an accident. Soft tissue injuries occur from stretching, tearing, and the build up of scare tissue in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The jerking impact of car accidents almost always causes these types of injuries. If you fall into this category, by all means go see a chiropractor to start a treatment plan.

If you have any structural injuries you need to see an orthopedic doctor. These are joint doctors that are specialist in joint injuries and will perform surgery if necessary. Because many car accidents can cause structural issues in the back and neck you should seek an orthopedic doctor before seeing a chiropractor to make sure you do not have any structural problems.

The first rule for every doctor is “do no harm”. This means that doctors will start off with the most conservative treatment to see if your body can heal without surgery. An orthopedic doctor may recommend physical therapy or even chiropractic care before they attempt any other more serious and aggressive treatment. So even if you do end up being treated by a chiropractor, it can be assuring to know that a doctor did not recognize any immediate concerns that required surgery.

Chiropractic treatment plans take some time to work. Although you may be impatient and want to be immediately better, it will take time for body to heal. Stick to the plan, do everything your doctor recommends and you will hopefully see improvement a few months down the road. If you are not getting better, you may need a different treatment plan or may need to see an orthopedic doctor.

Do we recommend a specific chiropractor?

No, we do not recommend a specific chiropractor. The reason being, referral arrangements can greatly damage your compensation if the insurance company sees any evidence of referral system between a doctor and lawyer. The insurance companies keep track of every lawyer and doctor in every case. They are very good at detecting referral arrangements.

Once the insurance company sees a pattern of referrals, they know if they go to trial they will have the evidence they need to claim lawyer doctor collusion. The insurance company will argue that the doctors are over treating injuries to pump up their income by providing expensive medical care for people that are not really injured. The doctor and lawyer will have no credibility. We avoid this by not recommending a specific chiropractor although we can and do suggest how you should choose a doctor for your injuries.


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