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California Car Accident Attorneys John Bisnar and Brian Chase discuss the keys to winning your auto accident lawsuit.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in California, Bisnar Chase has over 40 years experience helping plaintiffs recover fair compensation. Call 1-800-561-4887 for a free case evaluation in Southern California.

Areas of law we represent: car accidents, auto defects, dog bite cases, serious and catastrophic injuries. We re plaintiff’s lawyers and never represent the insurance companies or at-fault parties.

Over three decades in car accident lawsuits by top rated attorneys that truly care about their clients. If you are unsure where to turn for an experienced car accident lawyer in California, please reach out to Bisnar Chase. You won’t be disappointed.

John Bisnar is the author of The Seven Fatal Mistakes:

The Seven Fatal Mistakes That Can Wreck Your California Personal Injury Claim. What do you need to know to effectively deal with an insurance company to settle your personal injury claim? The answers are in this book. In this book, John Bisnar explains in detail the pitfalls awaiting honest, fair-minded, self-represented personal injury victims. He shows how to avoid those pitfalls so as not to be victimized again. The Seven Fatal Mistakes is a must-read for personal injury victims before they work on settling their claim. It will save you time and keep you from leaving money on the table. The Seven Fatal Mistakes is the book that insurance companies hope you never read!

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Don’t hesitate to contact Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys if you need an experienced California Car Accident Attorney to fight for you.

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