What Is Your Personal Injury Or Car Accident Case Worth? | Car Accident Attorney Orlando Florida

What is your personal injury or car accident case worth? Ms. Willis is a personal injury and auto accident lawyer from Orlando, Florida who shares insider tips about how car accident and personal injury settlements are valued.

FORMER LAW PROFESSOR & FORMER BIG DEFENSE FIRM ATTORNEY. Tina is an Orlando car accident attorney and Orlando personal injury attorney who has given a lot of thought to her detailed blog posts (see website link below), and videos, with the goal of answering consumer questions about personal injury and car accident law with easy to understand explanations.

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How Much Is Your Personal Injury Or Auto Accident Case Worth?

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Orlando Personal Injury Attorney | Former Law Professor | Tina Willis

Tina keeps her case load intentionally low, which means she only accepts more serious accident and injury cases. However, if she can’t help you, she takes her responsibility to refer you to a good lawyer very seriously. So give her a call, and she will try to help, if you have the type of personal injury case that she generally accepts.

Tina accepts many different types of personal injury, car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, slip and fall, and medical malpractice cases.

Tina is an attorney based in Orlando, Florida, but accepts car accident and other personal injury cases all over Florida & Georgia, including Orlando, but also Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Valdosta, Macon, Atlanta and all points above and below.

If you were SERIOUSLY or catastrophically injured in another state, then she might be able to help, with another lawyer from your state. Tina knows lawyers throughout the country through online webinars that she handles and produces.


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